Short delay to publication of the Funding & Investment Plan and Capital Portfolio

Thursday, 10 August 2023

The Policy & Resources Committee has agreed there should be a short delay to the publication of the Funding & Investment Plan and Capital Portfolio, which were due to be published next week, for debate in September.

The Capital Portfolio sets out the States’ priorities in terms of major building and infrastructure projects for the rest of this term.

The Funding & Investment Plan addresses how it intends to finance those projects, alongside the States other essential strategic and policy work and the funding of day-to-day public services.

Over the past few months, a very significant amount of work has taken place in reviewing both of these, particularly in light of the outcome of the Tax Review debate which saw no single plan supported for addressing a forecast deficit in public finances and returning them to a sustainable footing.

It is a complex piece of work, and the Committee is taking more time to finalise some of the details mindful of the importance of this debate in ensuring there is sufficient funding available for essential investment in the Bailiwick’s public infrastructure.

The Committee expects it will only require a short delay, and therefore intends to publish in September and will propose that the debate is held in October.