Public service reform is a ten-year plan to transform the organisation, management and the delivery of services to customers.

The aim is to build a single public service organisation, one that works in partnership with outside expertise, organising and delivering services centred on those who use them, and using money wisely and carefully. An organisation designed around meeting community needs, rather than expecting the customer to adapt to the public service's internal procedures and structures. One which has adopted technology and a 'one-stop, tell us once' approach to make our services easier to access and use.

The document 'A Framework For Public Service Reform' sets out how to make reform happen, with four overall priorities:

  1. Improving customer engagement and satisfaction
  2. Delivering and demonstrating value for money
  3. Improving staff engagement and satisfaction
  4. Enhancing organisational performance measurement and management

Summary leaflets are also available:



Customer Hub

MyGov is the online portal which will allow the public to self-serve at a time and place that is convenient to them. This is an expanding element as more and more services add forms and processes that the public can undertake themselves, shifting government engagement online.

Sitting behind MyGov is the Customer Hub based at Edward T Wheadon House which will deal with any phone, email or in person enquiries, along with processing the online applications which are submitted via MyGov.

Property and Facilities Management Target Operating Model

Property and Facilities Management is changing. We've moved towards a model which brings staff together in one team with shared skills and pooled expertise, bringing property and facilities management under one roof.

Property Rationalisation

Property Rationalisation is all about making the best use of the buildings owned or leased by the States of Guernsey. One of the core outcomes of the project is that it will enable us to make savings. It will mean exiting some buildings and the relocation of staff into two main Hubs: Sir Charles Frossard House and Edward T Wheadon House.

Property Rationalisation isn’t new – many will remember the move of Education Services and Revenue Services from Grange Road and Cornet Street respectively in 2017/18.

Most recently, Phase 2 has relocated staff previously based at Raymond Falla House to the Hubs and other suitable States of Guernsey offices.

The States of Guernsey is committed to investing in technology to transform our community.

SMART Guernsey is part of a series of projects linked to Public Service Reform, a 10-year plan to transform the organisation, management and delivery of services to you, our customers.

But what will it mean for you? It will mean being able to access your information, day or night and download forms and applications for various services online, from the comfort of your own home.

It's about making your life easier. This is technology for change. This is the future made simple.

Help us to help you because, by working together, we can be the best public service of any small jurisdiction.

The future made simple