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We are modernising the Princess Elizabeth Hospital into a future-proofed, fit-for-purpose facility for patients and staff.

The need to deliver a series of hospital upgrades was unanimously supported by the States of Deliberation in March 2019 and subsequently prioritised within the Government Work Plan in 2021. It is an essential part of the ongoing strategy to transform the provision of health and social care services so that it can respond to the Bailiwick's ageing population and increasing demand for services.

Our Hospital Modernisation - Partnership of Purpose

Upgrading the hospital is a priority because demand has already outstripped capacity and facilities across the hospital need to keep pace with modern standards of design and operation.

We now have an overall plan to complete the proposed upgrades across two phases, with careful sequencing of work to ensure minimal disruption to hospital services throughout - we must maintain a fully-functional hospital while we upgrade it. Phase 1 has been fully approved. Phase 2 will be subject to separate business case approvals. 

Rihoy & Son has been appointed to construct Phase 1 of the planned works following a robust tendering process conducted with the local construction industry.


Hospital phases at a glance


Phase 1

Works on site started in March 2022.

Scheduled to be completed over two years, the works will deliver a new purpose-built Critical Care Unit (CCU) with increased capacity from 7 to 12 beds to manage demand and support additional surgery, and a new Post Anaesthesia Recovery Unit (Theatre Recovery) with 10 beds that can be swiftly converted to provide additional critical care beds (to support for example any future pandemic demands or other emergency situations). It will involve the refurbishment and extension of the old Ozanne Ward, extending the footprint of the building.

The new CCU will feature modern single rooms with natural light and a new courtyard facility which is recognised to enhance patient experience and recovery. New staff and relative’s facilities will be put in place as part of the Phase 1 works.

Watch the video below for a virtual walk-though of the new CCU:


The new CCU's single room is depicted in the architects’ image below, noting that the final plans may be subject to some amendments in terms of finish.



Phase 2

(Still pending full States approval)

Phase 2 is due to start in 2024 and will take up to four years to complete. It will involve an extension being built out from the current main entrance. Alongside this new build will be significant refurbishment work of existing internal spaces to update facilities and rearrange and improve the overall layout. To that end, a focal part of Phase 2 will be a new main entrance space spanning all three levels, making it a lot easier for people to visualise the different parts of the hospital and find their way around. 

New Facilities

Please use the drop downs below to find out more about what is proposed in Phase 2. 

Maternity/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Purpose built from scratch

Adjacent to the new theatre block 

All single rooms with facilities for partners to stay

Outpatient facility for minor procedures



All single rooms, with computerised tech appropriate to age of occupant

Front of new ward will have outpatient facility to reduce stress for minor procedures


Increased capacity

Facilitates future expansion to eight theatres


Admissions and Discharge Unit

A new facility to help alleviate pressure on beds


Private ward

A new purpose built 23-bed unit

An appealing facility with own outside entrance akin to UK private hospitals


Ambulatory Care

Adjacent to the new main entrance, this new unit will provide 'hot desk' clinical space, enabling the centralisation of all out-patient clinics

Departments throughout the hospital will operate services from this space


Breast screening

A new purpose-built facility will support pre-operative procedures

Emergency Department

Separate entrances and areas for major and minor medical cases

Single rooms

Suitable facilities for vulnerable adults. Direct link to CCU

Fracture clinic

Adjoining the Emergency Department and with close proximity to radiology


A modern facility with adequate space, separating elective and trauma

Onsite physio gym to aid rehabilitation

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