Our community services

This programme is focussed on integrating HSC's wider health and care system (including partner organisations) to improve service awareness and accessibility. It is recognised as a key element of the Partnership of Purpose.

The community services run by HSC and other partner organisations are currently scattered across the Bailiwick and many are housed in unsuitable premises. This needs to change to provide easier access and help de-stigmatise services.

The long-term ambition is to create a community hub, which would see multiple complementary services within a central location. In the short-term this programme is implementing service improvements and new ways of working to help deliver efficiencies. This is seeing some services being relocated or co-located. 

Key work in progress is to upgrade HSC residential accommodation to a standard akin to the Autism Hub. This joint public-private sector initiative enabled a high quality facility to be delivered in a very cost-effective way, and has led to substantial social and quality of life improvements for service users - see pics below. It is now regarded as the benchmark standard for future developments.