Our community services

This programme is focussed on integrating HSC's wider health and care system (including partner organisations) to improve service awareness and accessibility. It is recognised as a key element of the Partnership of Purpose.

The community services run by HSC and other partner organisations are currently scattered across the Bailiwick and many are housed in unsuitable premises. This needs to change to provide easier access and help de-stigmatise services.

Long-term Ambition

Principal Community Hub

As outlined in the Partnership of Purpose, one of our long-term ambitions is to create a Principal Community Hub, to host multiple complementary services within a central location.

This would be in addition to the Children & Families Hub, and whilst primarily focused on accommodating Adults Services based in the community, is also intended to provide a range of facilities for use by public, private and charitable partners.

The scope, site and design will be determined once the Project is prioritised within the Government Work Plan.


Specialist Residential Accommodation

Health & Social Care are seeking to refurb, renovate, re-build and/or replace a range of specialist homes accommodating service users with complex needs.

In addition to outreach and domiciliary care, community-based services also provide 24/7/365 care and support to Service Users living in specialist residential accommodation.

Aligned to the Affordable Housing Development Strategy (Led by Employment & Social Security), there is an ambition for some existing homes to be completely replace by new-build developments.

Joint initiatives with the Guernsey Housing Association, enable high-quality facilities to be delivered in a cost-effective way, and service provision to be uncoupled from building management and maintenance.

Buildings specifically designed for people with complex needs are far more effective than those with retrospective adaptations (as seen at Le Vieux Jardin Autism Hub).

Specialist facilities to aid mobility and activities of daily living, for those members of our community requiring assistance, enable substantial social and quality of life improvements for service users.

Our ambition is for all HSC Specialist Residential Service Users to live in an environment that enhances their quality of life, both physically and socially.

Key work in progress is to upgrade HSC residential accommodation to a standard akin to the Autism Hub. This joint public-private sector initiative enabled a high quality facility to be delivered in a very cost-effective way, and has led to substantial social and quality of life improvements for service users - see pics below. It is now regarded as the benchmark standard for future developments. 

Live Projects

La Vieille Plage

In partnership with the Guernsey Housing Association, plans have been developed for the first bespoke Adult Learning Disability Home.

Known as La Vieille Plage, this new development will provide 14 x residential units, communal and therapeutic facilities and gardens, and staff facilities for work, change, rest, and sleep.

Having achieved planning permission, project approval, and secured funding; the building works are now ready to commence.

This is an ambitious and exciting project, which will significantly improve the future experience for our Service Users and Staff alike.

Read more here: Work on La Vieille Plage to commence later this year - States of Guernsey (gov.gg)

Image: Architects Impression aerial image of La Vieille Plage development

Children & Families Hub

This project is being considered as part of the 2023 Government Work Plan Review.

Subject to approval & funding, a Children & Families Hub will be developed to provide a better environment for Service Users and Staff alike.

The proposed project will deliver accessible, fit for purpose and modern facilities; supporting further collaboration and partnership working.

Once delivered, Parents and Guardians will be able to access multiple services in a single visit, as well as potentially consolidate appointments when appropriate.  

The project aims to co-locating services, enabling the exit of Lukis House, Swissville, Perruque House and Le Carrefour (with Le Marais being re-purposed as an outreach facility).  

Further updates will be posted on the Project status when Key Milestones are achieved.

Image: Proposed scope for a Children & Families Hub