Policy & Resources reassures Open Market residents ahead of Tax Review decision

Wednesday, 01 February 2023

The Policy & Resources Committee is seeking to give reassurance to Open Market residents that it is supportive of their significant contribution to the community and the economy.

As part of the public discussion around the Tax Review, members of the community have put forward ideas including one that relates to the Open Market.  The Committee has throughout the Tax Review encouraged all Islanders to put forward suggestions and welcomes these contributions. 

However with regard to the suggestion of making changes to contributions specifically made by Open Market residents, the Committee is keen to confirm it does not intend to pursue this.  The Committee recognises the value of this sector of the housing market and more so, of the members of our community who live in the Open Market. 

The Committee is still of the view that its original Tax Review proposals remain the best way of reforming the tax system to be more progressive, while securing public finances as demand in areas such as health care grows.  But it is also developing an alternative package that will give States Members an option to consider alongside the original propositions when the Tax Review debate resumes on 15th February.

While it is engaging with States Members this week, and considering a range of revenue raising measures that could be included in the alternative instead of a GST, it is not actively looking to include measures that specifically affect the Open Market.  It will however seek to develop alternative measures that are as fair and as progressive as possible.